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Friday, May 12, 2006

sisters... [sigh]

If you have a sister you kno how i feel..
especially when u r the youngest.
iam 14 years old... 2months before my b day!!
my sisters juss drive me nuts!!
oldest sister, monica, shes a cater..31years old
2nd oldest, kate shes at college learnin designs
3rd oldest, kelly at her junior year at high school.a bit stupid.
and finally me. christ, short for christina
my 8th grade year of middle school.
my mom died when i was a baby.. childfever thingy..
i hate it when ppl says
"awww it must hav been hard for u."
hard for me? how is it hard when i dont even kno her!!
my dad is at california. raising our "fund?" for our living.
even though monica makes good money..
right now its friday and iam really tired..
monica made me organize her paper work, kate made a mess
in the living room with her "designs"
kelly.. well her being here in the house drive me nuts!!!


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