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Thursday, May 18, 2006

in war...

iam at war...
i cant believe anne did this to me..
somehow anne found out that i like "bob"
and aske him out
here is the conversation at the library:
me: i cant believe u did this!
anne: i cant believe u did this!
me: the reason i didnt tell u was cuz u hav a big fat mouth!
anne: since u lik "bob" ur my rival. so i asked him out cuz i lik him
in fact i love him!
LOVE?so soon as she found out i lik "bob" she went up to
him and said: hey i lik u in fact i LOVE! you lets go out.
this is unbelievable!!
me: anne, ur 14 going on 15 ur too young for love!
anne: ok lets juss say me going up to him and ask him out
as soon as i found out u lik him was wrong.
but he had a choice. he could hav said no
wat anne did hurts. it hurts. but him saying yes when she
asked him out hurts more. my heart is pounding crazy.
i want to cry. but im already crying in my heart.
me: anne u have done alot of things that was wrong and
made me mad. but i forgave u cuz i love you.
u are my best friend. nothin could break our friendship.
but what u did today could. im not going to forgive u and him
im going to forget all the things we did together.
anne: christ dont do this im sorry!
me: yea im sorry too.

thats the end of our friendship.
i can never forgive her. i wont. i cant.
everyone is trying to make me feel better.
but it wont heal. it can never will cuz, i dont lik him cuz
of his good looks. i lik him cuz there is no reason not to lik him.


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