the truth about forever

Friday, May 19, 2006

i dont want a title for this

so "bob" and anne is officialy going out.
i saw them in the morning, lunch, art and library
and they were kissing in the library.
when i got home i lay down on my bed crying.
i guess i was kind of crying out loud cuz monica came in to
my room.
monica: r u ok christina?
monica and dad is the only one who calls me christina
instead of christ.
monica: wats wrong? why are u crying? its a boy problem isnt it?
me: how did-
monica: john told me.
me: stupid john.
monica: im sorry christina.
monica: be srtong thats all u can do right now. be happy.
monica: i heard john's having a party tomorrow.
me: john told u huh?
monica: yup! so we are going shopping!
i stand up and say: what! why?
monica: ur going to the party. or else.
ok so im being forced to go to the party.
so we went to the mall i bough a cute top
with skirts thats about 2 inches above my knee.
kelly is going to. to supervise me.
kelly is actually excited. she says that her crush will be
coming so she want me to see him and say: omfg his gorgeous!! lucky u!!
so overall my war with annd ended up 0:1 for today.


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