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Monday, May 15, 2006

exactly a month till school ends..[counting weekends]

ok so i only have one month till school ends, counting weekends.
well today was ok.. i guess. but dad and monica isnt talking to each
other right now John and Andrew is over at my house.
Anne couldnt make it cuz well shes spending time with her mom
cuz "they dont spend much time with each other"
Andrew is going through my magazines even though its a bit
girly. and John is talking to my dad. reason why its a bit weird is well cuz
dad want me and John to go out. i kno... its weird but well u kno
parents, but mine is juss crazy. Kelly is listening to her stupid rock song
wayyyyyyyyyyyy too loud. so i'll tell her to
quiet down and i'll type in wat exactly she said
me: quiet down ur damn music Kelly!!!
kelly: WAT??!!!
me: turn down ur damn music!!!
dad: no swearing in this house
Kelly: WAT??!!
me: would u please turn down ur music!!!
Andrew: but i lik this song
me: hello!! ur on my side so shut up and read that girly magazine
Andre: for ur information it is not girly juss because it has some girls on it
me: andrew, girl's life is a girly magazine.
Andrew: are u typing every word im saying?
me: no..
Andrew: yes u r quit it
me: no.. i lik this thing besides it gives me a good practice typing
see i type really fast huh?
Andrew: watever
me: turn down ur music kelly!!!
Kelly:ok ok ok i will..
Kelly: happy now!!
me: yes iam happy..
so um yea thats it..
i do type fast ..
no i can here john coming o i'll do the same thing
John: omfg!! ur dad is..
me: um crazy?
John: dont say that his ur dad, are u typing every word im saying?
me: maybe
John: wow thats fast..
me: i kno. see andrew i do type fast..
John: andrew wat r u doing with that girly magzine?
andrew: its no girly!!
John: andrew, its called girl's life.
me: i told u so.
andres: fine, but i was juss getting to the part how to match ur room
me: match ur room?
andrew: yea u kno with colrs and stuff.. and stop typing
every word im saying.. quit it
me: no
andrew: ur annoying
me: well ur girly.
andrew: u kno wat lets juss drop it
john: u guys im hungry lets go out and eat
me: ok
so i gtg now so ttyll


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