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Saturday, May 13, 2006

cant sleep...

ok i cant sleep i juss took a shower and dried my hair.
so i decided to tell u about my friends.
John: wat a great guy. his lik me except his a guy..
Anne: shes a shopping freak. it will take approximately
48hours for her to shop.
Andrew: my gay friend. i kno some ppl think thats "gay" but well
i dont really care and he doesnt mind me tellin ppl that his gay.
cuz well they r going to kno someday. and his really nice. but i hate
it when he flirts with my crush..
so yup thats it.. those are my gangs..
so tomorrow we are going out to watch movies,
to a book store, starbucks, and our hangout restraunt the disco night.
no its not called disco night its actually dq. i dont kno why we call it
the disco night but does that really matter??
ok i really need some sleep now
so ttyl and i'll tallk about my day tomorrow.
ok nvm i'll have to help monica. clean up the house.
yupp clean up the house at night...
well good night..


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