the truth about forever

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

a brand new start..

ok so far this has happened.
saturday this guy named jake saw me
at the party. john's cousin.
and i guess he liked me or something
and john wanted me to go on a date with him
on sunday. so i did to cheer me up
we talked and talked and i was telling him about
me and anne. and we went to the movies.
and he said: i really lik u.
me: why?
him: cuz i think we hav alot in common.
me: i think so too.
jake leans toward me and kisses me.
my very first kiss!!
he was a good kisser i think.
im not sure if iam but watever.
so i think we are going out.
his moved around the neighborhood
and his a 8th grade. and will b attending
my school!!!
well he is.
i guess now i can forget about "bob"

so this is wat happened at monday.
me and jake sit together. of course with andrew and john.
and anne with the "bob" group.
"bob" looks towards me.
and his eyes widenes as he sees jake kiss me on the
cheeks. now i said cheeks not cheek.
and anne sees it too.
she was making a face.
but i actually felt good.
im glad im forgeting this thing with anne.
and jake is too. next friday me and jake is
going on a double date with jon and amy.
amy is so nice. she and i hav alot in common.
but too bad that she goes to different school.
but all of us will be going to same school.
kate is coming home at the 8th or the 9th.


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