the truth about forever

Thursday, May 18, 2006


im still madd well actually sad..
john was over here ..
i remember every word he said cuz it made me
john: im so sorry christ.
me: i kno.
john: i hav no idea how but im juss.. sorry.
i'll do anything to make u feel better. i kno
im having a party this weekend u should come.
there is this guy named..
me: stop.
john: wat?
me: stop i dont want ur pity.
john: im not pitying u. im helping u..
me: juss stop.
john: well atleast come to the party.
we'll hav fun.. andrew is bring his new bf.
he want u to meet him..
me: alright i'll go.
john: u better, for me and for u.
me: thanks john.

at that moment i had to cry.
the house empty. monica at work.
next week kate is coming home for the summer.
kelly is at her friend's house. and she will b going
to the leadership camp..
and i will die frm this hell.
maybe john is right.
maybe i'll meet a new guy at forget everything.
i juss got a call frm anne. i didnt answer. juss let the
machine get it.
it said: christ? r u there? its anne. im sorry.. but i love
him. i cant help loving him. plz forgive me.. i love u.
i juss over-
it cut off and she left me another message.
massege: ok contunuing on. i overreacted. i freaked out.
cuz i love him and i was juss jealous. im sorry. u shouldnt
have told angela. angela was the one who told me. she likes
the drama any way i love-
and than it cut off.
angela? i didnt tell angela! she muss hav eavesdrop.
i kno anne loves me. but i will never forgive her.


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