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Sunday, May 14, 2006

another disaster...

ok there was a slight change of plans for today.
instead of hanging out with my friends i had to spend
the mother's day, with dad. dad came frm califonia
for a BIG SURPISE. which was him. so we went
out for dinner at the sharis.
but than when we were waiting for our food we were talking
about having a party when kate comes back frm college.
and than about my graduation, my grades, kelly..
and well mom. we talked about wat she liked and all the other stuff.
and than monica suggested that we go visit mom's grave
tomorrow for mother's day. but i hav no idea why
but dad explode!!! he was lik we can prey or something
i think its cuz he misses her.
he didnt went near her coffin in the funeral.
monica says.. i wish i was monica.
remembering her personalities, dislikes and likes her face.
instead one pic of her thats half burnt.
dad burned the pictures he was very depressed..
i cant imagine dad being depressed. his all happy..
well today was another disaster..
i told anne this and she was lik "ur dad misses ur mom" in a
i dont care tone.. and than she talked about wat she got for her mom
for mother's day and how happy she was and all other crap..
yea i kno its a long day.. so dad is staying her for 2 more days.
monica and dad acts lik they dont see each other so kelly and
i the one that talks most of the times..
tomorrow is another school day and there islike one more month
before school endss.. yeshhhh almost there..


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