the truth about forever

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

a brand new start..

ok so far this has happened.
saturday this guy named jake saw me
at the party. john's cousin.
and i guess he liked me or something
and john wanted me to go on a date with him
on sunday. so i did to cheer me up
we talked and talked and i was telling him about
me and anne. and we went to the movies.
and he said: i really lik u.
me: why?
him: cuz i think we hav alot in common.
me: i think so too.
jake leans toward me and kisses me.
my very first kiss!!
he was a good kisser i think.
im not sure if iam but watever.
so i think we are going out.
his moved around the neighborhood
and his a 8th grade. and will b attending
my school!!!
well he is.
i guess now i can forget about "bob"

so this is wat happened at monday.
me and jake sit together. of course with andrew and john.
and anne with the "bob" group.
"bob" looks towards me.
and his eyes widenes as he sees jake kiss me on the
cheeks. now i said cheeks not cheek.
and anne sees it too.
she was making a face.
but i actually felt good.
im glad im forgeting this thing with anne.
and jake is too. next friday me and jake is
going on a double date with jon and amy.
amy is so nice. she and i hav alot in common.
but too bad that she goes to different school.
but all of us will be going to same school.
kate is coming home at the 8th or the 9th.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

after the party..

i had the most horrible time in my life..
i was in john's room sleepin. i was so tired... so
john said that he would make sur that no one enters the room.
so he was lookin out for me. an andrew made sure that anne
doesnt see me.. they r so nice,,, john was on the computer and all.
when he was hosting the party. but his parents were there,
i did see "bob" he said hi but i didnt say anything.
so yea thats it.

Friday, May 19, 2006

i dont want a title for this

so "bob" and anne is officialy going out.
i saw them in the morning, lunch, art and library
and they were kissing in the library.
when i got home i lay down on my bed crying.
i guess i was kind of crying out loud cuz monica came in to
my room.
monica: r u ok christina?
monica and dad is the only one who calls me christina
instead of christ.
monica: wats wrong? why are u crying? its a boy problem isnt it?
me: how did-
monica: john told me.
me: stupid john.
monica: im sorry christina.
monica: be srtong thats all u can do right now. be happy.
monica: i heard john's having a party tomorrow.
me: john told u huh?
monica: yup! so we are going shopping!
i stand up and say: what! why?
monica: ur going to the party. or else.
ok so im being forced to go to the party.
so we went to the mall i bough a cute top
with skirts thats about 2 inches above my knee.
kelly is going to. to supervise me.
kelly is actually excited. she says that her crush will be
coming so she want me to see him and say: omfg his gorgeous!! lucky u!!
so overall my war with annd ended up 0:1 for today.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


im still madd well actually sad..
john was over here ..
i remember every word he said cuz it made me
john: im so sorry christ.
me: i kno.
john: i hav no idea how but im juss.. sorry.
i'll do anything to make u feel better. i kno
im having a party this weekend u should come.
there is this guy named..
me: stop.
john: wat?
me: stop i dont want ur pity.
john: im not pitying u. im helping u..
me: juss stop.
john: well atleast come to the party.
we'll hav fun.. andrew is bring his new bf.
he want u to meet him..
me: alright i'll go.
john: u better, for me and for u.
me: thanks john.

at that moment i had to cry.
the house empty. monica at work.
next week kate is coming home for the summer.
kelly is at her friend's house. and she will b going
to the leadership camp..
and i will die frm this hell.
maybe john is right.
maybe i'll meet a new guy at forget everything.
i juss got a call frm anne. i didnt answer. juss let the
machine get it.
it said: christ? r u there? its anne. im sorry.. but i love
him. i cant help loving him. plz forgive me.. i love u.
i juss over-
it cut off and she left me another message.
massege: ok contunuing on. i overreacted. i freaked out.
cuz i love him and i was juss jealous. im sorry. u shouldnt
have told angela. angela was the one who told me. she likes
the drama any way i love-
and than it cut off.
angela? i didnt tell angela! she muss hav eavesdrop.
i kno anne loves me. but i will never forgive her.

in war...

iam at war...
i cant believe anne did this to me..
somehow anne found out that i like "bob"
and aske him out
here is the conversation at the library:
me: i cant believe u did this!
anne: i cant believe u did this!
me: the reason i didnt tell u was cuz u hav a big fat mouth!
anne: since u lik "bob" ur my rival. so i asked him out cuz i lik him
in fact i love him!
LOVE?so soon as she found out i lik "bob" she went up to
him and said: hey i lik u in fact i LOVE! you lets go out.
this is unbelievable!!
me: anne, ur 14 going on 15 ur too young for love!
anne: ok lets juss say me going up to him and ask him out
as soon as i found out u lik him was wrong.
but he had a choice. he could hav said no
wat anne did hurts. it hurts. but him saying yes when she
asked him out hurts more. my heart is pounding crazy.
i want to cry. but im already crying in my heart.
me: anne u have done alot of things that was wrong and
made me mad. but i forgave u cuz i love you.
u are my best friend. nothin could break our friendship.
but what u did today could. im not going to forgive u and him
im going to forget all the things we did together.
anne: christ dont do this im sorry!
me: yea im sorry too.

thats the end of our friendship.
i can never forgive her. i wont. i cant.
everyone is trying to make me feel better.
but it wont heal. it can never will cuz, i dont lik him cuz
of his good looks. i lik him cuz there is no reason not to lik him.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

plain day.

since dad went back to california, our house is quiet
well except for kelly's music.
and anne was juss over to do "homework"
thats our code word for gossip.
we gossip alot of stuff, guys, teachers. love?
to tell u the truth anne cant keep her mouth shut
so i have to tell john or andrew about my crush.
my crush is a secret lets call him.. bob!
thats not his real name.
he plays basebal and his so nice to everyone.
even to girls! and to me!
and he gets good grades.
no wonder all the girls lik him.
but my "lik" is different.
i juss hope that he liks me back.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

hot hot hot!!

today was freaking hott!!
nothing really special happened .
my dad went back to california.
his coming at july for my b day.

Monday, May 15, 2006


so andrew and john went home after mcdonalds.
iam so bored monica came home now she looks so tired so i gave
her a massage on her shoulders and now shes taking a nap
so i guess school days are better than weekends.
monica and dad still isnt talking to each other.
and kelly's music is on, so loud!!
but monica still sleeps. so amazing.
o great now shes snoring.

exactly a month till school ends..[counting weekends]

ok so i only have one month till school ends, counting weekends.
well today was ok.. i guess. but dad and monica isnt talking to each
other right now John and Andrew is over at my house.
Anne couldnt make it cuz well shes spending time with her mom
cuz "they dont spend much time with each other"
Andrew is going through my magazines even though its a bit
girly. and John is talking to my dad. reason why its a bit weird is well cuz
dad want me and John to go out. i kno... its weird but well u kno
parents, but mine is juss crazy. Kelly is listening to her stupid rock song
wayyyyyyyyyyyy too loud. so i'll tell her to
quiet down and i'll type in wat exactly she said
me: quiet down ur damn music Kelly!!!
kelly: WAT??!!!
me: turn down ur damn music!!!
dad: no swearing in this house
Kelly: WAT??!!
me: would u please turn down ur music!!!
Andrew: but i lik this song
me: hello!! ur on my side so shut up and read that girly magazine
Andre: for ur information it is not girly juss because it has some girls on it
me: andrew, girl's life is a girly magazine.
Andrew: are u typing every word im saying?
me: no..
Andrew: yes u r quit it
me: no.. i lik this thing besides it gives me a good practice typing
see i type really fast huh?
Andrew: watever
me: turn down ur music kelly!!!
Kelly:ok ok ok i will..
Kelly: happy now!!
me: yes iam happy..
so um yea thats it..
i do type fast ..
no i can here john coming o i'll do the same thing
John: omfg!! ur dad is..
me: um crazy?
John: dont say that his ur dad, are u typing every word im saying?
me: maybe
John: wow thats fast..
me: i kno. see andrew i do type fast..
John: andrew wat r u doing with that girly magzine?
andrew: its no girly!!
John: andrew, its called girl's life.
me: i told u so.
andres: fine, but i was juss getting to the part how to match ur room
me: match ur room?
andrew: yea u kno with colrs and stuff.. and stop typing
every word im saying.. quit it
me: no
andrew: ur annoying
me: well ur girly.
andrew: u kno wat lets juss drop it
john: u guys im hungry lets go out and eat
me: ok
so i gtg now so ttyll